Saturday, December 18

Driver charged with DUI and drug offenses near WCSU

Nineteen-year-old Keith Mcdade of Hotchkiss Avenue in Thomaston was charged with multiple drug offenses in the early morning hours of Friday, Dec. 17 after an officer on White Street spotted Mcdade's vehicle exiting the Western Connecticut State University campus without headlights on.

WCSU campus on White Street.
After being stopped by the officer, Mcdade admitted to having had a couple drinks and failed field sobriety tests.

A backpack on the front seat of Mcdade's vehicle containing 32 glassine bags commonly used for selling marijuana, a marijuana grinder, and nine small bags containing marijuana was discovered during the officer's further investigation.

Mcdade was arrested and charged with operation of a motor vehicle by a minor under the influence, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, and possession of marijuana within 1,500 feet of a housing project or school and was held on $10,000 bond.

Wednesday, December 8

WCSU police search for candy theif

Western Connecticut State University Police are on the hunt to find the candy thief (or thieves) that stole three boxes of candy from the O'Neill Center's concession stand on Saturday, Dec. 4.

The O'Neill Center, located on Western Connecticut State University's Westside campus, was reportedly locked at the time of the burglary and it appears that the culprit(s) used force to get inside.

The incident is currently under investigation and the police are asking anyone with information or who was in the area on Saturday and could help identify a possible suspect, to contact them at 203-837-9300.

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