Wednesday, November 24

Danbury named safest city in Connecticut

Danbury Police Department.
CQ Press' study of Connecticut's Safest City takes cites with populations of at least 75,000 and focuses on information of six crime categories gathered from the FBI Uniform Crime Report: murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.

What is Connecticut's safest city of 2010-2011? Danbury, Conn.

"Our city is proud of this ranking," said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, "and we will continue focusing our efforts on maintaining exceptional public safety."

Danbury's per capita rate for burglary and motor vehicle thefts have decreased since last year. However, its per-capita rate for murder has increased and although Danbury is below the national average in most of the crime categories, it unfortunately is above the average for rape rates.

According to Police Chief Al Baker, "the increase could have be reflective not of a jump in rape crimes, but more of the incidents being reported" (Perrefort).

Danbury is the 57th city in the nation this year, slipping 28 spots from its rank as the 29th safest city in the country last year.

Baker said that "he is very proud of all the hard work by the men and women in the [police] department that helped to make the city the safest in Connecticut for three years running" (Perrefort), and also credited the Danbury community and its good school system.

"This is something that we couldn't do by ourselves," Baker said. "There are many factors that make Danbury a great place to live."
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