Tuesday, November 9

Wiz Khalifa arrested for marijuana possession

East Carolina State University students booed police and yelled "Smoke weed everyday!" and "You animals!" as Cameron Thomaz, better known as rapper Wiz Khalifa, was arrested on drug possession charges after a performance at the university on Monday, Nov. 8.

Khalifa was charged with three drug counts after police discovered about 60 grams of marijuana in his possession. According to ECU, police raided the rapper's bus after smelling marijuana backstage. It is also quite possible that police may have been tipped off by Wiz's Twitter post before the concert that said, "Smoke outs in Greenville NC tonite. Fall thru wit ur finest plant life."

Khalifa was released on $300,000 bail this afternoon, Nov. 9, and did not hesitate to post to Twitter: "man, jail sux! but bein taylor'd doesn't," letting his fans know that he was free.

A video of Khalifa getting arrested is posted under "Read More."
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