Wednesday, October 6

Lil Wayne sent to solitary confinement

Dwayne Michael Carter, better known as the Grammy Award-winning rapper, Lil Wayne, was moved to solitary confinement within Rikers Island jail complex in New York, Oct. 4, after officials discovered illegal headphones and an mp3 charger belonging to Carter during a cell search in May 2009.

Carter's infractions were not crimes, therefore he was
to a jail disciplinary process instead of court.
The headphones and charger, which are considered contraband, had been "tucked in a potato chip bag in a garbage can in the rapper's cell" (Peltz).

Carter was incarcerated in March 2009 after pleading guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon [and] admitting he had a loaded semiautomatic gun on his bus in 2007" (Peltz).

Given a year-long sentence, Carter has been expected to serve only eight months due to good behavior, but there has been "no word on whether this recent setback will affect his release date" (Carter).

Due to Carter's rule-breaking, the solitary confinement he has been sentenced to comes with stricter rules and less freedoms for the rapper. Twenty-three hours of his day will now be spent confined to his cell, with the only exceptions being visits, showers, and religious services. He will no longer by allowed to mingle with fellow inmates or watch television, and can only make one phone call per week aside from calls with his lawyer, Stacey Richman.

I understand that what Lil Wayne did was in violation of prison rules, and I know that it is unjust to allow certain people, such as celebrities, to have any type of special privileges that other inmates do not have, but for some reason I cannot help but feel bad for him. His whole life revolves around music (well, along with marijuana, purple drank, and women...), and the fact that he has to be locked up all alone, 23 hours a day, for a month seems a bit harsh to me. Then again, the way I feel about matters such as this is one reason why people like me probably should not work in the law enforcement field.

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