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From California to Connecticut: one young man's journey across the nation

 Jordan Singleton is an International Business
 major at WCSU.
Approximately 36,503 students currently attend Western Connecticut State University, 89 percent of them from Connecticut, and many of who are in the process of trying to discover who they are and what their future beholds, all the while furthering their education.

Among those students is 21-year-old Jordan Singleton, who moved to Danbury, Conn. from Aliso Viejo, Calif. in September 2009, and whose journey up to this point distinguishes him from many of his peers.           

Childhood was a confusing and difficult time for Singleton, who was raised in Atlanta. His parents, Rufus and Lynette, were young and struggled with many obstacles of their own aside from raising Singleton and his two younger sisters, Jasmine and Jaylynn.

Once the family had overcome many of their struggles, “we moved to California to start new,” said Singleton, who considers the move from Atlanta to Southern California his biggest life-changing experience.

“Making friends was the biggest obstacle,” Singleton said. “Most [of the] kids had their friends and I had to try to fit in with their groups.”

Building friendships may have been a challenge for Singleton when he moved to California, but he did not let that interfere with one love of his life: basketball.

Even before he moved to California, Singleton had a love for basketball. From attending basketball-training camps to practicing even when he did not have to, Singleton “worked really hard playing basketball all this life,” he said.

Singleton said that his father, Rufus, has been an inspiration.

“He taught me all I need to know,” Singleton said. “He inspires me because of the things he’s accomplished and the issues he’s overcome.”

Singleton stands next to his time after breaking a school track record.
With self-determination and his father’s support and encouragement, Singleton excelled athletically. Not only did he break track and field records at his high school, play on the varsity basketball team, and gain an understanding and respect for hard work, but Singleton was also able to build friendships along the way.

“Sports helped a lot,” Singleton said. “Not only did just playing sports help me meet people, but I went through so much struggle, hard-work, and good times with those people [that] I formed some real good friendships."

Nowadays, Singleton aspires to graduate from college. His parents and sisters moved to Connecticut when he was seventeen and Singleton decided to stay in California, graduate from high school, and attend Vanguard University of Southern California. At the age of 20, Singleton decided that “it would be easier for me to
complete college if I moved here [Connecticut],” he said, and so he did.

Leaving behind his friends in California and experiencing Connecticut’s cold weather took Singleton a while to get used to, but he never lost focus of his academic objective. He acquired three jobs and worked hard to pay for school and his rent while also balancing classes and homework.

Singleton said that is current biggest obstacle is “having enough money to do what is necessary to have a good future,” and as a Christian, he looks to his faith in God to help him through his times of struggle.            

 Singleton at the Dana Hills High School 2008 Graduation.
“While I’ve been living alone,” Singleton said, “God has been there for me in tough times and I’m lucky to be where I am now.”

Along with expanding his mind and one day having a family of his own, Singleton dreams of having a successful career after he graduates college, because “with that,” he said, “I could live a satisfying life and be able to support a family and myself.”

“I feel I grew up faster than some [people],” Singleton said. “My maturity has given me the motivation to do what’s necessary to live comfortabl[y] today.”

Although he said that his stubbornness sometimes sets him back, Singleton makes sure to always maintain his integrity. He envisions himself married, with a steady career, and living decently in ten years, and continues to work hard towards his goals, in pursuit to one day be, he said, “rich, happy, and married.”

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